Command Description Usage
Ping Gets latency of the bot .ping
About Gets information about the bot .about
Help Gets and displays all of the bots commands .help
GetShout Gets shout of specified group .getshout [group id]
GetLogo Gets logo of specified group .getlogo [group id]
GetId Gets user ID of specified user .getid [username]
GetDisplay Gets display name of specified user .getdisplay [username]
GetStatus Gets status of specified user .getstatus [username]
GetDescription Gets description of specified user .getescription [username]
GetAvatar Gets avatar of specified user .getavatar [username]
GetFollowers Gets follower count of specified user .getfollowers [username]
GetFollowing Gets following count of specified user .getfollowing [username]
GetGroup Gets group information based on specified id .getgroup [id]
GroupSearch Searches group with specified keyword .groupsearch [keyword]
Usersearch Searches group with specified keyword .usersearch [keyword]
Whois Finds the Roblox account linked with the specified user using Bloxlink & Rover API .whois @user
GetPrimary Finds the primary group of the specified user if they have one .getprimary [username]